Things to Do When Driving in the Rain

Driving in Rain

Singapore experiences rain several times a year. People would always pray that if rain should come, may it be short and light. There are times that Singapore encounters long and heavy rains. Experts would discourage driving in the rain because it can cause accidents. Whether the rain is light or heavy, you have to take proper precaution to keep away from accidents and other harms.

The challenge when you drive in the rain is visibility. It is too hazy to see road signs and other vehicles. It is crucial that you make sure you can see road signs and other vehicles. Slippery roads are also a problem for drivers when raining. Apart from that, as a driver, you have to make sure that you are seen by other vehicles. Here are other suggestions that you can use when driving in the rain:


  • Check your tires. Raining or not, tires should be checked on a regular basis. Bald tires can lessen your grip on drenched roadways. You have to be sure that your tires can keep up with the road and the water.
  • Use your wipers. When you are driving, do not forget to use your wipers. Only fools would forget their wipers. You have to be reminded to replace your wipers at least once or twice a year. If the blades of your wipers are worn, it will not clear water from your windshield thereby distorting your view.
  • Keep your headlights on. Your best ally when it rains hard is your headlights. Heavy rains can cause poor visibility. Headlights can make a difference. Headlights can also be used to let other drivers know you are there. Remember to turn it on even if the rain is light.
  • Slow down. When it is raining, the basic thing to do is drive slowly. It is understandable that you want to go home soon because of the weather but it will not do you good. It will take long to reach your destination but at least you are safe.
  • Avoid moving water. If you cannot see the ground, do not drive through it. If you see moving water, you have to look for other route. It is not advisable to drive through moving water because it can sweep your car. Remember that water can destroy the electrical system of your car.

If going home or somewhere can wait, you should wait until the rain ease up. Do not risk it because you will surely regret it when you collide, crash or skid. Safety should always be your concern. Do not try to be a daredevil and defy the limits of your car.