The Whimsical Botanical Garden of Singapore

As travellers, aside from food and culture, one priority we keep in our travel checklist is to visit and experience any attractions of the places we visit. The delight it brings when you are already on the very spot is priceless and you can even keep it for a lifetime, as one precious memory. Singapore is a top tourist destination with a myriad of beautiful sceneries it offers to both locals and tourists. One of these is the Botanical Garden, sometimes dubbed as “City in a Garden.” These are its features:


As a UNESCO Heritage Site

Developed in 1859, this garden was declared by UNESCO as Heritage Site joining the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat of Vietnam. This becomes a symbol of Singapore’s high regard to nature and the culture of its people. Being the country’s oldest garden, it is indeed a treasure collection for plant and nature lovers.

As a venue for recreational activities

The Botanical Garden is a favourite venue among Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike for their recreations. It is where they also do some physical activities like jogging, working out, and other fun activities.

As a hub for researchers

The expansive grounds of the garden also serve as a center for botanical and horticultural research. Since the garden is composed of varied types of plants, be it ornamental or herbal, researchers frequently visit the place to develop their researches on horticulture and botanical-related. Hence, the place doesn’t only cater to viewing and visiting purposes but also for researches and other educational endeavors.


As a Garden Museum

To add on its exquisite feature, the garden is not the typical garden as what you might think. It also has a museum located in the Holtum Hall in a two-storey building which also serve as the office and laboratory of the Director of the garden. Currently, it also functions as an Urban Redevelopment Authority conservation building.

Orchid Garden and Swan Lake

Aside from those features already stated, the botanical garden has varied species of orchids, popular hanging plants. Further, orchids also symbolizes Singapore because it is the country’s national flower; thus, a representation of Singapore’s natural splendour. On the other hand, it also houses the swan lake which contains aquatic plants and different types of fishes.

The Botanical Garden is only a proof that Singapore gives value to both nature and their culture. Preservation of this represents also how they embrace their identity as well as their contribution to humanity and to the world as well.