The Unwritten Rules of the Gym

No matter which gym you go to in Singapore, there will always unwritten rules that you’ll need to follow. Of course, you might not know about them if you’re a beginner. But really, most of them you can get with even just a bit of common sense. Here are some of the unwritten rules of the gym.

Put the weights back in the rack

Technically, some gyms have reminders or notes to re-rack the dumbbells, barbells, and plates once you’re done using. But even if the gym doesn’t have a sign to do so, you should still put your weights back where they belong. It’s common courtesy for your fellow gym-goers!

Clean as you go

Usually, you’ll see “clean as you go” in restaurants, but it very much applies in gyms as well. In this case though, cleaning means wiping down your sweat from the machines or benches once you’re done using them. No one wants to clean off another person’s sweat before they start doing their workouts. Surely, you won’t want that too.

Don’t talk to someone in the middle of their sets

Talking to someone while they are in the middle of their sets is the worst thing you can do. For one, many gym-goers put a lot of focus on their lifting, no matter what exercise they’re doing. The last thing you’d want to do is distract them while they are focused on each rep. Just wait until they finish that set before talking.

If someone has headphones on, don’t disturb them

In connection to the point above, if someone has earphones or headphones on, they might not want to be disturbed at all. For the most part, girls can do this if they don’t want to be disturbed by some dudes trying to score.

Always be mindful of your surroundings

Another important thing to remember is to be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t walk in front of a guy who is using the mirror. This can be annoying and distracting. You should also avoid walking or standing too close to another person who’s lifting. If you bump into them, you might distract them or even put them at risk if they are lifting heavy.

Don’t sit on a bench and text

In essence, don’t hog the machines! Too many people take their time on a machine without noticing that others are planning to use it too. Especially during peak hours, you’re most likely to get confronted if you stay on a bench too long without actually using it.

Take it easy with the grunting

If you’re already lifting heavy weights, you usually can’t avoid grunting or making noises to push through each rep. Even so, try to keep it down and avoid any unnecessary yelling. It won’t matter if you already have a good physique, people will see it as annoying or disturbing if you make too many noises.