The Manufacturing Industry of Singapore

We work to eat and exercise to lose all that we eat; this is the normal cycle most people go through. In the same way for the smooth development of a country, manufacturing plays an important role indirectly. It may be all about tools, labourer’s et al, but how everything works is never really known. One of the key factors to Singapore’s success is the manufacturing companies who have together contributed to the country’s economy. Electronics is considered the largest contribution with respect to manufacturing. Electronics alone generates a total output of $75 billion. With this kind of development, 150 integrated circuit design experts are to be trained over the next five years.


In the aerospace section, Rolls Royce-the aerospace engine manufacturer is happy with Singapore’s progress and has therefore relocated its supply to Singapore. Singapore has also managed to take care of Asian needs namely its repair and overhaul, aerospace maintenance and is rightly doing so because of its technical capabilities, quality and the fact that the service is quick.
Singapore has found ways to develop the country so also to increase the GDP, one interesting way is its clean energy sector with special emphasis given on solar energy. The biomedical manufacturing sector has also taken its chances. The biomedical industries have paved way for further pharmaceutical, medical device companies and biotechnology research and developments in the country. Singapore is now capable enough to ensure healthcare to comman man with the constant supply of medical products and medicines. A few leading global companies namely GlaxoSmithKline; Novartis, Lonza, Merck and co. Et al have merged in with Singapore considering its Excellency in the manufacturing field.