The Functions of a Sommelier  


We hear about sommeliers and still do not get it. Perhaps it is time to get to know it better. It is not every day that we encounter sommeliers but recently, a Singaporean sommelier made name because he won second place at the Asia Best Sommelier Competition in French Wines 2015.


The prestigious contest ensued at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur early in December. The contest invited sommeliers across the region to test their knowledge and experience in French wines. A sommelier from South Korea claimed the top spot followed by Singapore and Taiwan.

So, what are the functions of a sommelier? Here are some:

  • Responsible for wine lists: A sommelier is responsible for the development and creation of wine lists as well as orders for the delivery.
  • Pair and suggest: Sommeliers work together with restaurant staffs and to some point train them. He/she will also work closely with the culinary team and suggest to patrons the best pair/complement of a specific food in the menu.


  • Knowledgeable in harmony: Food and wine should be in perfect harmony and it requires deep knowledge. He/she should have a grasp of how wine (or other beverages) and food work in harmony. The expertise of sommeliers now transcend to more than wine. They are also knowledgeable in all aspects of restaurant service with improved focus on spirits, soft-drinks and tobaccos.

In short, sommeliers are considered wine stewards with training and knowledge in fine restaurants and the one who specializes in wine and food pairing. Sounds an easy job but it is not because like any other profession, you have to learn it and be the best in what you do to thrive.