The Best Place to Grow Old

Everyone aspires a peaceful and lovely retirement. Retiring here in Singapore is not so bad. In fact, many people (outside of Singapore) want to stay and spend their remaining years here. If you are given the choice, where will you spend your retirement? According to the latest Global AgeWatch Index, the best place to grow old is Norway.


The Global AgeWatch Index surveyed ninety six countries in determining the best place to grow old. HelpAge International, a charity organization, helped compiled the list. The results were published on October 1, 2014. This year, Norway topped the index pushing Sweden (last year’s number one) to number two. Here are the highlights of the index:

  • Top ten: The top 10 include Norway followed by Sweden and then Switzerland. The fourth place went to Canada followed by Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, United States, Japan and New Zealand. If you notice, Japan is only the Asian country who joined the top 10 list. Japan was commended because it gave emphasis on the health of their elders.
  • Bottom ten: There is no surprise for the researchers that African countries made it to the lowest this quarter. The bottom ten countries are Iraq, Zambia, Uganda, Jordan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Malawi, West Bank and Gaza, Mozambique and Afghanistan.
  • Indicators: The index was based on thirteen indicators which are grouped in four categories. The four categories include income security, capability, health status and educational status.


The report this year focuses on pensions. Pension is identified as the top priority of old people. Pensions are crucial for all governments because the number of old people are rising every year. In some countries, saving (for pension) is challenging because their incomes are too low. The governments around the world are doing their best to provide tax-financed pension over the decades in their attempt to make the lives of their elder better. You should know that one in four elders receive pension and half of the global population do not have any pension plans or savings.

The good thing is that China and other countries like Nepal and Thailand are extending their coverage to help their global ranking. You cannot avoid old age but the least thing that you can do is make it a happy and memorable one. If you are thinking of retiring, you can either go to Singapore or to Norway. The place does not matter as long as you are happy and you are with your loved ones.