Singapore’s immigration opportunities open gateways for Foreign workers

Think Singapore, and the image which the mind conjures up is that of a small island country with a high per capita income and the forthcoming financial hub of Asia, second only to Honk Kong. The economy of Singapore is making headway by leaps and bounds and there is constant requirement for more workers. Currently, more than half of the Singaporean population is foreign born. Unlike other countries which have tightened their immigration laws, Singapore has relatively liberal immigration laws and is a good option for people who are open to embracing a new cultural climate and adopting the Singaporean way of life.


As Singapore has a well developed market economy, the country has a need for highly skilled workers. Recently, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that Singapore wishes to attract ventures and talent from abroad. This will help to meet the economic requirements, help fill up employment vacancies and bring affluence to its citizens. Last year saw a 14.5% growth in the economy. This was possible only due to the demand met by foreigners opting to immigrate to Singapore. There is a current demand in industries such as food and beverage, IT and banking.