Proper Decorum in Public Transport

Commuting is a common sight here in Singapore. Commuting to work or school seems to be the most practical way of moving here but you should know that there is an increase of arrests for public transport-related crimes. Many were arrested for committing public transport-related crimes. There were 817 people who were detained for public transport- related crimes in 2013. Compared to the figures in 2011, this is 30% higher.


The figures were revealed by Public Transport Security Committee (PTSC). According to the Committee, the crimes committed include theft and molesting. Despite this, the authorities assure the commuting public that the public transportation here in Singapore is safe. To reduce public transport-related crimes, TransCom (a special police unit) works together with Land Transport Authority (LTA) and other partner agencies to tighten security measures in public transport.

People need to be reminded again the proper decorum when riding a public transport. Not all people behave normally. If you are in a big city, public transport is part of your life. With that, you need to make the experience positive. You can do this by showing good manners. Here are some things that you should remember when commuting:


  • Passenger traffic: When you are in a public transport, you have to make sure that you follow traffic rules. You only need to keep right all the time. When you are in hallways and stairwells, you should watch out for the flow of people.
  • Fare: To avoid any delays or inconvenience, have your fare ready before you board the train or bus. Not all people want to witness your digging. If you cannot find your card, step aside and let the others board first.
  • Keep out of the way: When you are in public transport, you should be conscious of other people. When it is rush hour, do your best to keep out of the way of other commuters. If you block others, it will create a jam and it will anger many commuters.
  • Be a gentleman or lady: If you are a real gentleman or lady, the place will not matter. You need to behave a gentleman or lady regardless of the place. Sit properly, give room for others, do not spit and do not invite duel. You can have a safe and smooth-free travel if you act a gentleman or lady.
  • Look out for your belongings: Unfortunately not all commuters behave. Stealing is common but if you know what to do with your bag, you will not become a victim. If you are wearing a backpack, remove it from your back and put it in your front to be sure. Do not leave your belongings and always look out.
  • Do not be noisy: There are commuters that are tired. They deserved a silent transport. If you are talking, hold down your noise. Avoid laughing boisterously and singing as it might intimidate or bother others. Just keep everything to yourself and you will be fine.