One Way to Further Assess Suitability of Buying Pets  

One cannot deny the happiness pets bring. There are many Singaporean households that consider pets regardless of the kind because they feel happier and more relaxed having them around. In return of the happiness they bring, pet owners care for the pets and treat them kindly.

Unfortunately, not all pet owners care and treat their pets kindly. There are no clear guidelines on how to conduct ourselves before pets so there are many who do as they please. With this, the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) is suggesting that more measures should be considered to assess the suitability of pet owners when buying pets.

The suitability of buying pets are outlined on pet licensing conditions by Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) but CWS seeks to urge the agency to ensure more ways to assess suitability of buying pets for the welfare of the animals.


It is easy to purchase an animal but realizing the responsibility afterwards will lead to regret. We cannot just return the animal because we changed our minds. CWS suggested more assessment for pet suitability. One way is conducting of house visits and meeting the family members.

Once the purchase is made, the retailers have nothing to do with the pet anymore. CWS thinks that this is not ideal thereby suggesting that they should make house visits before and after the purchase. The home environment should be assessed so the retailers will dissuade pet abandonment. This will be called pre-sale screening concluded by a declaration form.

Hopefully AVA will heed the suggestion for the welfare of the animals. Pets are a welcome distraction.