Matcha Green Tea: More than Just a Cup of Health Benefits

Celebrities and trendsetters have been raging about matcha tea lately, but science shows that this drink is more than just a passing fad. In fact, this tea variety offers health benefits that are far more powerful than that of the other green tea variety. So fire up your kettle now and sip through its myriad of health benefits.


  1. Fights Diseases. Matcha green tea is known to contain levels of antioxidants that are higher than that of blueberries and spinach. These antioxidants is what helps in strengthening your immune system and protecting your cells against free radicals. Other than that, the green tea’s antioxidants also contain cancer-fighting properties, reducing your risk of acquiring such diseases.
  1. Relaxes Your Mind. Since it has a high L-theanine content, match green tea works wonders in acting as a natural reliever of physiological and psychological stress. Other than that, matcha’s L-theanine also counteracts the stimulating effects of caffeine, lowers the blood pressure, and improves memory while reducing stress and PMS symptoms.
  1. Detoxifies Your Body. Unlike in teas wherein the leaves are removed, matcha green tea is made from powder, and consuming green tea powder that contains chlorophyll that fills the tea with detoxifying properties. Other than that, chlorophyll also contains antibacterial properties and aids in balancing the pH levels in the blood.


  1. Promotes Weight Loss. Other than detoxifying the body, drinking matcha green tea also promotes weight loss. The tea is said to be rich in EGCG that aids in burning stored fat faster and decreasing the formation of new fat cells. Some studies also showed that the catechins found in matcha tea increases the calorie burning rate of the body and offers extra burning benefit during exercise.
  1. Improves Skin Health. Aside from its health benefits, matcha green tea is also known to give some good beauty benefits. Matcha contains the same antioxidants that green tea has, which works by reducing free radicals and inflammation, giving you healthier and fairer skin.

Other than its calming effects, matcha tea is also known by providing a myriad of health benefits. Sure, it’s a fad drink, but it’s a fad drink that’s really here to stay.