Love Your Feet


We often overlook out feet because it’s so far from our head than our hands. It’s not until we suffer an injury, disease or athlete’s foot that we pay attention to our feet. Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy.

  1. Keep Them Clean. Wash your feet everyday with soap and warm water. Wash the areas in between your toes too. This will also allow you to check them for injuries like cuts, damaged toenails, cracked skin and swelling.


  1. Apply Lotion or Cream. Keep your feet smooth by applying lotion after washing them. If you have calluses and corns, rub a pumice stone gently on the affected areas.


  1. Clean Your Toenails. Trim your toenails then shape them with a nail file every two weeks. Long toenails can break or chip.


  1. Choose the Right Shoes. Don’t walk barefoot because you might injure your feet. Always wear shoes that fit properly. Tight shoes can injure your toes and restrict blood flow. Loose shoes can cause blisters and make walking difficult.


  1. Wear Socks if Possible. Socks will protect your feet from getting sores. You can also wear stockings if you don’t want the bulk of the socks or nylon socks when you’re working out.

  1. Check Your Feet. Look for injuries whenever you wash your feet or take off your shoes. Your age and health condition can affect your feet. Diabetics can have foot problems if not careful. Pregnant women may need a bigger shoe size, while older people need shoes that provide protection like cushioning.


  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise. Eating the right food and staying active will keep the blood flowing smoothly to your feet. Don’t smoke. Don’t stand or sit for hours at a time. Make sure to move your feet to help with the circulation.


  1. Avoid Athlete’s Foot. Athlete’s foot is caused by fungal infection. Avoid this by keeping your feet clean and dry. Allow your feet to breathe sometimes by wearing appropriate shoes for different venues. Wear clean socks and alternate your shoes. Keep all your shoes clean as well. Fungi can’t be killed just by washing so it’s best to try to prevent them from growing.


  1. Avoid Injuries. Protect your feet from burns by applying sunscreen if you’re going to the beach. Always wear appropriate footwear whenever you go out. Go for comfort instead of style. If high-heeled shoes are not your thing, there is no reason to make yourself suffer and risk hurting your feet.


  1. Be Careful With Pedicures. Calluses should be removed gently and cuticles shouldn’t be cut or pushed back. Make sure the tools are sterilized and clean to avoid getting diseases and infection. It’s better if you visit a reputable nail salon you can trust. Ideally, pedicures are done every 2 months.


  1. Pamper Your Feet. Soak them in warm water and soap. Don’t use salts because they can cause dryness. Massage and reflexology can help in relieving pain, stress and improve blood circulation.