Laws that Made Singapore Popular

In many countries, laws have been implemented so that people will be guided and avoid committing mistakes the may destroy the image of a particular country. Here in Singapore, there are a lot of uncommon laws but are effective. Most of these laws are said to be non-sense and unusual but it made the nation popular making many businesses come. There’s no doubt that Singapore is the capita of trade and commerce in Southeast Asia. Here are some active laws that is implemented:


Flush the Toilet Properly to Avoid Caning

Here in Singapore, you can’t pee anywhere. The only place that is safe to pee is in our home. However, if you choose to pee in public toilets, be sure to clean it well because law enforcers in the country are performing random check-ups after you pee. Once you are caught not flushing the toilet, there is a possibility that you would be caned. On the other hand, it will always depend on the number of violations you have committed.


Litter or Fine Big Amount

One reason why the country is very clean is that it is maintained by the disciplined people. However, it is not always like this because there are also many violators of the littering law. Many have been punished so that many people would know that there are consequences about their action. Actually, when you are caught littering in public, you will be fined $1000 and you will do a community service. Also, if you have violated the law for the third time, you will wear a sign that says “I am a law-breaking citizen.”