Is Singapore Sling the Singapore’s National Beverage?

Singapore not known for its different national symbols but it has many places and things to boast. One of that is their bird park which actually houses many species of birds and is hailed as the place with the largest collection of birds. The other one is their Zoo and many more.


On the other hand, Singaporeans hasn’t yet decided on what are their national symbols. However, they have an unofficial list on what should be their national symbols. One of that is the Singapore sling – a unique class of beverage and is one of the world’s popular cocktail. The drink is said to be the unofficial national beverage of the country but today the process is still ongoing.

Originally, Singapore sling was known as the Straits Sling and as a matter of fact, is was produced as a drink for ladies and is toned in a pinkish color. It was first made with pineapple juice, gin, cherry liquid, pomegranate juice and Benedictine. However, as time passes by, different styles and mixtures are being added on the said cocktail.


Today, the Singapore Sling is very popular in the city as it has been spread out in the different islands of the country. If you are looking for drinks and other types of cocktails, you can find it at Clarke Quay – a famous Singapore sling store. Actually, there are many pubs and bars that can make different version of Singapore. However, it is still good to taste the original flavor of the beverage.