Inked Up in Singapore

Tattoos usually get a lot of discrimination from around the world because of both the misconceptions and misrepresentations of tattoos. Mostly common in the elderly, tattoos act as a form of branding and not really perceived as a form of art but as time has change, so have people’s perception on these tattoos.

Embracing Tattoo Culture

The Singaporean youth have been getting into tattoos as it is slowly becoming accepted into society. Sadly, tattoos used to be proof that you are affiliated with a certain gang and has slowly gained the treatment of a criminal. But come to think of it, tattoo is just ink and no matter how you look at it, tattoos are really neutral.

It is all up to us to determine whether our perception on tattoos is positive or negative. Hopefully as time and people’s understanding of tattoos progress, people with ink will become more accepted in society. Tattoos do not always act as a form of affiliation as they can also act as a form of individualism.

Tattoos as Personality

The celebration of one’s identity is best represented by their appearance and to look different from the others, a lot of people indulge into customizing how their body looks whether it be through working out, different style of clothing, piercings, or even getting ink around their body.

In Singaporean culture, standing against the crowd is not usually a big part of their culture and although tattoos promote individualism and mot rebellion, people usually confuse the two. Art is relative and what may seem good for one person may seem dirty for another but this should not discourage you should you want to get yourself a permanent piece that defines who you are. After all, we can never really please everyone.

Tattoos and Preconceptions

Having a tattoo automatically gives people the impression that you are a strong individual because of the fact that getting a tattoo is honestly pretty painful. This usually causes intimidation around and Singapore is not an exception.

Although there are places wherein people do not mind, there are still places where people cannot accept the fact that you stand out against society. Don’t be afraid to get a tattoo or to show off your tattoos in Singapore. There are a lot of artists hidden within the city and who knows, there might be a few of them who would appreciate your looks. Don’t be afraid to show your ink in Singapore.