Ice Kachang – The Perfect Summer Treat

When the heat turns on, we are looking for or perhaps find some ways to fight the hot temperature. One of this is drinking an ice cold recipe. In Singapore one popular dessert is the Ice Kachang. This dessert is very famous in the different food houses of Malaysia; however, it has been part of the menu of every Singaporean restaurant.


Ice Kacang is a recipe that is known as air batu campur Malaysia. This means an “ice mix”; Air batu means ‘ice’ and campur means ‘mix’. It is typically made of super crushed ice mixed with different sweets, flavored syrup like sarsaparilla or rose syrup, evaporated milk and palm sugar syrup. Also, it is topped with jelly cubes, red beans, sweet corn, palm see and peanuts. Sometimes, many restaurants filled the dessert with any flavor of ice cream and sliced sweet bananas.

The ice kachang is a contemporary version of the ice ball that is usually served in a tall glass or a bowl. In other restaurants, they served it with chocolate toppings along with a variety of fruits. Ice Kachang is a perfect dessert to satisfy customers’ sweet cravings.


At the heart of Singapore, ice kachang can be seen. So, you should not worry on where to buy this dessert because it is in every food house in the country most especially at the Food Republic of the Orchard Road and in many Hawker Centers. When you need a summer treat, always remember that you need to find a good kachang. A good ice kachang must have cleanly crushed ice and will just melt in your mouth along with its sweet syrup.