How VOIP Help Companies Save Costs and Improve Telephony

The article explains how VoIP helps companies to save more money and how it improves communication. First, unlimited nationwide calls allow companies to speak with their clients and business partners more often without the high-cost phone bills. Second, the low-cost international calls provide better opportunity for business owners to communicate or negotiate with clients and other businesses across the world, providing more chances to generate revenues.

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Business establishments in Singapore that still use traditional telephone services are spending significant fraction of their operational budget for an inferior method of communication. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner looking for cost-efficient means of communications, a better alternative exists in the form of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

This technology connects phone calls through the internet instead of connecting them over Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), which means that phone calls avoid the infrastructure costs associated with PSTN. Converting calls into digital data is a more efficient form of transferring calls, and allows clearer phone calls that don’t take up much bandwidth.

Generally, VoIP Singapore phone systems provide better communications for less. How? Read on and find out.

1. Unlimited Nationwide Calls
As mentioned, VoIP calls by crystal voice phone system in singapore are transmitted through the internet. So, instead of calls travelling through miles of copper wires, they travel through the internet, offering customers unlimited calling. Plus, calls from voice over IP to voice over IP are free of charge. This results to dollars and dollars of savings each month.


2. Low-cost International Calling
Using the internet to direct calls means that distance is no longer a problem. Though charges are applied for international calls, consumers of VoIP plans can almost have it for free because of extremely low per minute rate. Other VoIP Singapore providers allow free calls to specific countries as well.

3. IP Faxing
This feature allows businesses to send and receive faxes via email. Companies with voice over IP will no longer have to print out every paper they get, saving money on office supplies and electricity. This also means that Singapore companies can skip buying outdated fax machines.

4. Manageable Extensions
Being able to manage the extensions makes it easier to change the number of telephone lines or extensions associated with the business’ phone number. By having enough number of necessary phone lines, business establishments can ensure that their not wasting money or losing calls. Having multiple phone lines will also make sure that when clients call, there’s an available line for them. That way, you won’t lose a single sale before the phone gets picked up.

5. Provides Extra Features for Free
VoIP Singapore companies provide plans that usually come with several extra features that most phone companies would charge for an extra fee. These additional features are caller IDs, multiple lines, automated attendants, voicemail, hold music, call waiting, call forwarding, and conference calling. Voice over IP plans may not offer the same features, but these are all standard free additions with most providers.


According to researches, phone calls via internet will soon replace traditional telephone communications, probably as early as 2018. Since VoIP communications offer better services for cheaper fee, passing up to this technology means missing out wonderful and prosperous opportunities.