How to Get the Most Out of a Book You’re Reading

Now, let’s say you’ve bought a textbook about a specific subject you want to learn. Whether it be about taxes, language, accounting, or whatever topic out there, we all have to admit, it’s pretty hard to learn from a book. Some people learn better with the aid of visual material which is great but not all the time is there visual material available.

Sometimes the only source of information you can get your hands on is a good old book. Information comes in so many different methods and there are a lot of ways you can learn one specific thing. But for this article, we won’t be talking about learning through the use of other mediums. We’ll be talking about learning through the use of books or reading.

Here are some ways for you to maximize what you’ve learned through reading:

1. Outline. Create an outline of what you’ve read. Go over the main topic into the sub topics. That way, you can see through bird’s eye view what you are learning. Putting subtopics under subtopics is a great way for you to get every little piece of information you’ve learned from the book into a piece of paper. Oh yeah, this might take a little bit long. But once you’ve done your outline, you’ll see how organized your learning has become.

2. Take notes. Write down or mark random notes you want to remember. The things that strike you the most and the things you see as the most important are the things that you should write down. Some books end up having a lot of fillers which you don’t really need. Besides, if you are able to understand the gist, you won’t have to go through the whole process of listing down one by one what you’ve learned.

3. Make comments. Don’t be afraid to put in your comments. Your comments are valuable. Once you put down your comments, it’ll be easier for you to find what you are looking for. For example, you find something earlier in the book that you don’t quite understand or you have a certain opinion about, you write it down only to find out later on that it actually makes sense. It’s okay to contradict yourself. After all, this is what learning is about.

4. Summarize. Once you’ve learned as much as you can and taken down a lot of notes, summarize everything you’ve read and try writing everything down into a single piece of paper. Your summary shouldn’t be that long. After all, it is a summary. The more you understand something, the shorter your summary should be. If you truly understand the whole book, you’ll be able to fit everything on a single piece of paper!

Reading to learn is something we must all make ourselves used to. After all, we are all in charge of what goes on in our brains. We might as well use the space in our heads to take in healthy and useful information instead of random useless information which has absolutely no use to us. The thing about humans is that we don’t stop learning whether we like it or not, we are information seeking beings. Feed your mind with good things and see how the results affect everything from the way you think to the way you function.