How to Cope With Disappointment

Life is not all rainbows and flowers. Disappointment is part of growing up and getting better, but dealing with it is not easy for some people. Here are ways on how you can cope with it.

Let it All Out
Let the feeling of disappointment wash over you. Sometimes there is no other way to deal with the pain but to let it overflow. Take a time out. If you think you cannot function properly in the next several days, there is nothing wrong with taking a breather. Cry or scream or eat ice cream if it’s going to help you feel better. Don’t take it out on other people by becoming violent or throwing tantrums, however.

Manage Your Emotions
Acknowledge the pain. Everyone experiences defeat and hardship. You also have to accept that at this moment, you’re not capable of making important decisions. Deciding based on your current mood will only make you more miserable later when you realize you’ve made the wrong choice. Don’t hide your feelings, but stay calm so you don’t get into arguments that you don’t need at this time. Don’t blame others or yourself for failing. Even the most successful people in the world deal with disappointments.

Question Your Expectations
It’s not wrong to dream big, but maybe your expectations were too unrealistic. Maybe you have overlooked some factors in decision-making that you didn’t know were going to affect the result. This is the right time to review your expectations and file them later when you are more emotionally capable of making decisions. Perhaps you need to adjust your plans later so that you can still strive for your goals with realistic expectations.

A Different Perspective
This is also the perfect time to reflect, not only about why you failed but what your strengths are. Learn from your mistakes and turn this experience into a motivating factor to try again next time. Talking to people will also help you look at this experience from a different perspective. Take a step back and listen. You might discover something about yourself and other people that you haven’t seen before.

Learn to Accept
Disappointment teaches humility. Everyone fails, even the best of us. Blame no one for it even yourself. It won’t be the last time you’ll feel disappointed too. Your favorite team might lose in the championship or you might not get the scholarship you wanted or maybe you’ll find out you’re not qualified to apply for the company where your dream job is. You will be disappointed and you will disappoint other people.

Try and Try
Disappointments will teach us to grow. Learn to accept that disappointment is part of life as much as victory and success. How you manage that feeling will define you and the path you will take. If you let the feeling defeat you, then expect more disappointments. Look at alternatives and never stop trying to be happy.