How to Add Colours to Your Wedding

Weddings are probably one of the happiest of all celebrations. If you attend weddings, you feel happy for the couple and their family. How much more if it is your wedding? If you are getting married soon, you must be thrilled.


Though there are many things that you need to arrange, the thought of spending the rest of your life with someone you love will keep you going. If you cannot arrange things alone, you can consider wedding coordinators. They will do everything. There are hundreds of wedding coordinators present in Singapore these days.

Having someone do the work for you is very convenient but where is the fun in that? You should handle and manage your wedding because it is yours to begin with. Weddings can be very demanding and challenging. You should accept that and learn to deal with it to be successful. You should first discuss about your limitation and make sure you do not exceed it.

You can have a simple wedding here in Singapore if you really want. Yes, Singapore is an expensive place but you can find great deals from websites such as eternal wedding singapore brides if you look for it. After the budget estimation, it is time to talk about your theme or motif. It is important to discuss this at the onset so you will have a clear path.


When you identified the right theme or motif, it will serve as your guide from choosing gowns, receptions and decors. If in this case you are in the process of thinking about adding colours to your wedding, you should consider the following things:

Floral Decors

Floral decors should be present in the church and the reception. Flowers in the church will give you more colour as you walk the aisle. It will surely enhance your beauty. In the reception, if you have extra budget for it, you can ask the florists to put some flower decors (aside from centrepieces).


When you walk the aisle, there are three things that will draw attention- your glowing beauty, gowns and the bouquet you are holding. You should also keep in mind the bouquets of your entourage.


When visitors eat, three things will capture their attention-food (and drinks), entertainment (music) and the centrepieces. Centrepieces are hard to miss since they are placed in the middle of the table. If it is beautifully arranged, many people will surely praise it.

Invitation Cards

You can have a simple and uncomplicated invitation cards or it can be as eclectic as you want it to be. It will depend on your theme.

Food and Drinks

After the ceremony, eating comes next. This is to share your happiness to the visitors and you should join the merriment. Food and drinks should be present and abundant.


Lastly, the entertainment will give colours to your wedding. While eating, people will surely enjoy good music.

Weddings will surely stand out if all the things mentioned above are present. Weddings can be as simple or elaborate as you want. If you are looking for the best florist in Singapore, you should ask some friends or research one yourself. If you are looking for the best caterers and entertainment, you should scour Singapore if you want.