Fresh Graduates: What to Do Until Job Finds You

Marching your way to graduation and earning a college degree is just an introduction to the challenging world of employment. Yes, it is challenging because you are up to the test of selling yourself well during interviews and showing off your abilities that set you apart from the rest. Indeed, it’s a fierce world outside where winning a job is the name of the game and you are to play the rules. Job hunting may inject a feel of pressure especially for recent graduates since getting employed after college is the ideal thing, but this should not be a serious issue. While in the process of letting the job find you, these activities might fill your schedule.


Work for an Income

If no one has hired you yet, give yourself some work to do by coming up with income generating ideas. As a fresh graduate, of course you don’t have enough supply of finances to start a real business but you can begin with one that requires small capital. As an example, you may set up a street food business right outside your door, garage sale or resort to a mobile phone loading business. Regardless of how small your source of income is, at least you took advantage of your vacant time while making money on the side.

Review Your Lessons

Although you thought you got over the studying period, this will surely help you grab the job you aspire for.  Technical knowledge during interviews and even on the actual job is very basic. It’s especially true if you’re applying for a position that is totally specific and in line with your degree like accounting, marketing, human resources etc. So refresh your memory and make a big turn on for potential employers.

Join Seminars

Get yourself exposed with professional seminars. This will not only help you learn but will also create a good impression knowing that you are constantly in search for new knowledge. Also, seminars in college are usually compulsory so it doesn’t make a huge impact but when it’s a person’s initiative, it makes a difference. Jumpstart your professional life with great things to do, everything will work out so just keep going and keep the spirit of getting hired high.