Fengshan Center: The Home of Pig Gizzards

When you go to a place, the first thing you are going to ask is about the things that you will do in a specific place. In many places around the planet, there are many things to do and it is very common to all – going to a beach.

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In Singapore, you can say that there are so many tourist destinations to visit which means that there are many exciting things that you should look after. Your money will be worth it once you visited some places in Singapore. You’ll notice that nature and technology meets here in the country.

With some many places to visit and activities to organize, you must get ready for it. There is no place in Singapore wherein you can experience boredom unless if you want it to happen. Eating pig gizzards, usually at hawker centers, may seem unusual to outsiders, but it’s practically a tradition here in Singapore.


As many Singaporeans say, “you haven’t visited Singapore when you do not eat pig intestines.” Do not mind about its disgusting texture and shape because it is very tasty. In fact, it is approved by health officials and has claim that it will make a person be more active and healthy.

Here in the country, Fengshan Center in Bedok serves this kind of dish. It cost 3-5 dollars depending on the serving or the size of the gizzard. You should not worry about the intestines taste because there are desserts served here.

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