Double back trend in customer satisfaction for THAS sector

After 2 years of decline in the Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI) for the tourism, hotels and
accommodation services (THAS) sector, the trend took a double back and rose by more than 2
points to 69.3.


The reason for this improvement could be due to the Hotel and Attractions sub-sectors, the
Institute of Service Excellence, which published the CSI, suggests. With the former sub-sector
rising 5 points to 74.1 and the latter rising more than two points to 70.3.

An inaugural rebound which caused the first ever company to exceed 80 points was attributed
to Ritz carton hotel, which had took a leap of 5.6 points to 83.6. Other hotels, such as Mandarin
Orchard, Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt and Swissotel the Stamford also exceeded 74.1 points, which
was the sector average. Sentosa’s Underwater World took the lead in the Attractions sub-sector.


In comparison, the F&B sector had also reversed its decline since 2007, but had increased only by
0.1 points to 65.1. The Restaurants sub-sector experienced a small increase of 0.7 points, but the 
Fast Food Restaurants sub-sector had decrease by almost two points to 62.4.


Directors of the Institute of Service Excellence had put forth some suggestions to improve on the
performance of the Fast Food Restaurants sub-sector. They include aligning the branding to its
service, and also the constant matching-up of customers’ needs and expectations.