Bored and Pregnant: What to Do


It has always been a wonder why the clock seems to tick slowly now that you are almost full-term. You are somehow wedged in that moment of wanting something to do to pass time but are now very much limited by your bulging belly. If you are heavily pregnant and have been wanting to do anything while waiting for your little bub to come out, you may find these activities worthwhile:


  1. Watch movies and TV shows. Start with the really good movies you missed a few years back. Watching these movies will keep you entertained and updated. Seeing your favorite Hollywood and Singaporean actors and actresses will definitely take your mind off the waiting game! Have fun watching your kind of films in the comforts of your home. If you are done enjoying the movies, start browsing through TV series. There are numerous TV series with all kinds of genre to feast your eyes and ears on. When you have episodes and seasons to look forward to, time will pass without you noticing it!


  1. Do light reading. Reading allows you to go on a journey without really leaving your couch. If you think those heavy mystery novels will stress you, choose books with chick literature and comic relief instead! Pick magazines preferably with topics on lifestyle, travel, leisure, relationship and parenthood. This will give you happy reading time as you learn more about these interesting concepts. Reading aloud will also let your baby be familiarized with your voice. Who knows, hearing his mom’s voice may just make him want to go out already!


  1. Write.  You do not have to be a professional writer to be able to translate your emotions into words. The struggles and joys you have experienced in your pregnancy journey are more than enough to make you express your feelings through writing. Publish a blog or keep a private diary documenting the events of your everyday life. Later, you will find great joy when you look back and recount these details to your baby.


  1. Experiment in cooking. Nothing satisfies a pregnant woman than good food. For most, the food cravings persist until the last weeks of pregnancy. Practice cooking and baking for friends and family. Pregnant women have heightened sense of taste thus giving you quite an advantage. Spend time experimenting in the kitchen. When the baby comes out, you will barely have time in cooking. Let your baby taste his mom’s cooking as early as now!


  1. Organize.  Divert your energy into preparing your baby’s stuff. Organize baby’s must-haves over and over again. Make do-it-yourself scrap books and decorations for the nursery. Think of creative ways to add beauty to the baby’s room. When you are filled with anticipation for your newborn, your wonderful ideas will be limitless!


The last trimester indeed feels the longest. Just be patient and enjoy the last weeks you will be carrying your child inside you. Treasure the hiccups and the kicks while he is inside the womb. And know that just like you, your baby is as excited to finally see the world and feel his mother’s touch!