Best Setting Powders to Achieve That Flawless Airbrushed Look


Setting sprays might be enjoying the spotlight now, but setting powders are still the king for making any makeup look last longer. Not only do they have a long-lasting effect, they’re also much easier to apply on certain areas of the face. The only struggle with these beauties though is finding the one that won’t accentuate your dry spots or alter the shade of your foundation. But to make the search easier for you, we listed down some of the best translucent setting powder you should have in your makeup stash right now.

  1. RCMA Makeup No Colour Powder

Take a peek into any makeup artist’s makeup kit and there’s a 90 percent you’ll see RCMA’s No Colour Powder. This setting powder is just what it says – it sets any makeup look without disrupting the foundation shade you’re using. What’s more amazing is it fits right in the budget of even the most thrifty makeup junkie out there.

  1. NARS Light-Reflecting Setting Powder

Brushing powder over your face doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle with a dull complexion. The ingredients used in this setting powder allow you to maintain a glowing complexion by diffusing light that comes from various sources. It even comes in a pressed version, making it an ideal setting powder for ladies who prefer this style.

  1. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Pressed Powder

Make Up For Ever offers a more portable option when it comes to pressed setting powder. Not only is this powder talc-free, it also helps in giving the skin a naturally radiant effect by blurring the appearance of pores.

  1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder

This setting powder has been a must-have for years, and we’re just happy that it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. Try the makeup baking method with this beauty, and you’ll be amazed at how budge-proof your foundation finish becomes.

  1. Palladio Natural Rice Loose Finishing Powder

Rice absorbs excess oil and moisture, and having it in a form of a setting powder makes it a great product choice for girls who are blessed with oily skin and are in need of an affordable powder option.

Purchasing a good setting powder is what will help you achieve that perfect airbrushed look. By having any of these powders in your makeup kit, you can already say goodbye to those inconvenient retouch sessions.