An Introvert’s Guide to Acing a Job Interview


Going to a job interview is perhaps one of the worst nightmares of an introvert. You’ll have to go to an unfamiliar place and talk with someone you’ve never met before for a certain amount of time. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can use to make the situation seem less intimidating, and some of those tricks are as follows:

  1. Act Like You’re Speaking With a Friend

The best way to overcome your nerves at a job interview is to approach your interviewer the same way you would approach a newfound friend. Start your interview by talking about things that’ll help you establish a rapport with your interviewer and ease into the situation. Just remember to avoid taking things too far, as they might end up thinking that you’re being unprofessional.

  1. Research About Your Interviewer

Not knowing who you’ll be facing in an interview can be nerve-wracking, especially for an introvert. So if even it may feel a little creepy, do take some time to check out your interviewer online. Perhaps you can visit his Facebook or LinkedIn page, find out what his or her interests are, and use it to start a conversation with him or her. There’s a good chance that your interviewer will appreciate the little snooping you did, and even see it as a sign of transparency and diligence.

  1. Practice Answering Interview Questions

Perhaps the biggest fear that introverts have about job interviews is saying the wrong thing. But instead of worrying about appearing incompetent, alleviate your worries by practicing answering questions in front of a camera. List down the questions that you’ll likely be asked and record your answers. After that, re-watch the video and take note of your strongest answers or at which point you seemed comfortable the most. Once you’re done, practice again and incorporate the good points you saw in your first take. This way you’ll have a solid foundation for your answers, and feel less anxious during the actual job interview.

  1. Remember Why You’re Applying in That Company

Whenever you start feeling anxious or overwhelmed, consider focusing on the things that excite you about the company you’re applying for. Ask questions to show your interest in the organization, and to get an idea as to what working there would be like. Voice out your inquiries as they come, because keeping them in back of your mind will only distract you throughout the interview.

It’s only natural to feel anxious every time you’re called in for a job interview. By putting these tips to work, however, even the shyest person will definitely be able to come out of his or her shell and show what he or she has to offer.