Advice: Do Not Post Anything When You’re Emotional

The advent of the internet has made the world better, faster and easier. We could not imagine our life without it. We use the internet to gather data, exchange information and more importantly, share our thoughts and feelings. Many Singaporeans are now indulging to internet. We can do many things online; we can do business, blogging, networking and other things. In terms of networking, famous applications here in Singapore are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


These applications can allow you to share, like, tag and comment on a video or picture. Many people globally use this but sometimes, this freedom and technology destroys other people. When people gets too emotional, insensitive words come out to their mouths which other people find offensive. To avoid being hated because of your comments, you should:

Think before you click. It is imperative that you think first before you click. When you click the post button, make sure that your topics are safe.

Be conscious about the words you use. There are words that other people find offensive or unpleasant. If you do not want to be bashed, you should carefully think about the words you use.

Criticizing. Avoid criticizing something especially if you do not have knowledge about it.

Go for general topics. You should go for general topics. Do not go and notice a race, religion and traditions because you will end up being hated by many people.

We cannot stop the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but we should be responsible because whatever we post or share, the internet never forgets about it.