Abide the Law of Attraction

At some point in our lives, we hungered for change. Life’s transformation for the better takes more than wanting and effort, it also requires a healthy mind set. Positive disposition, if habituated, is a fortune magnet…and that’s what Law of Attraction is basically about. Experts emphasize that thinking properly would mean living the life you’ve always wanted using your thoughts. How bad you want change should also equate how you consistent you follow the rules.


Rule # 1: Visualize

Create a vivid picture of what exactly you desire for your life, in all areas. Make clear in your thoughts the circumstances you want to change and achieve. Maintain consistency in doing this mental activity by making a vision board where cut-out images of your aspirations are posted. Seeing it every morning upon waking up and every night before going to bed will help a lot.

Rule #2: Ask

More to visualization, do something straightforward and precise, you should ask. Send out your desires to the universe at large with your specific intentions and desires. Make it also clear to yourself whatever it is that you want to attain.

Rule #3: Claim

You visualize and ask, but it appears incomplete as it will connote expressions of being indefinite such as “someday” or “in the future.” Practice the belief of living your dreams now and feel the power of happiness for real. It is believed by law of attraction enthusiasts that such means will enable someone to fast track the attainment of their goals.

These three simple rules are believed to create an amazing transformation to one’s life. After all, there’s certainly no harm in trying since a good psychological state of mind is scientifically proven beneficial to the human body at large.