6 Natural Appetite Suppressants

Over the years, overeating has become a serious issue and is one of the major culprits of the most complex health issues we have today, including obesity, liver problems and heart health issues. There are many reasons why you feel like eating all the time, including lack of fiber or protein, fatigue, stress or nutrient deficiency. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Including these natural appetite suppressants to your diet can help control your appetite and the chances of overeating without the negative side effects that diet pills can cause you.

  1. Almonds

A handful of almonds is already enough to provide you your daily dose of vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidants. It is also said to increase thee feeling of fullness and, therefore, help with weight management. So, instead of having a slice of cake in the cafeteria when you’re hungry, stock up on some almonds on your desk for quick, healthy snacking.

  • Avocado

Full of heart-healthy fats and fiber, avocados are great suppressants when consumed moderately. In fact, the monosaturated fats present in these mushy greens send signals that tells your brain that you’re full.

  • Apples

All varieties of apples help curb hunger for many reasons. First, apples are rich in pectin and soluble fibre, which helps you easily feel full. Apples also help boost your energy and regulate your glucose level. Lastly, apples require more chewing time, which slows the eating down and gives your body more time to realize that you have been eating enough and that your body is not hungry. 

  • Dark Chocolate

If you love chocolate but afraid you might actually devour the whole bar, try slowly savoring a piece of dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa the next time you crave. A little bit of dark chocolate helps control your cravings as the bitter taste decreases naturally suppresses the appetite. Not to mention the presence of steric acid in it that helps slow down digestion to make you feel full for longer.

  • Oatmeal

While it’s high in carbs, oatmeal has a type of carbs that are slow digesting, which keeps you full for longer hours after breakfast. Also, oatmeal is on glycemic index. Just make sure to get the steel-cut oats to get the most health benefit.

  • Tofu

Tofu, a plant-based protein, is not just for vegetarians. It is rich in isoflavone, which has been shown to suppress appetite and helps control your food intake. An easy way to incorporate tofu into your diet, add it to your next stir-fry dish.

Hunger and appetite are the culprits of ruined diet. You can try ignoring them, but snacking on these will help satiate your food cravings and control your appetite.