5 Simple Secrets to Know For a Longer, Healthier Life

If you’ve ever noticed that some people you know just never get so much as a cold, you may wonder at some point what they do to be so healthy. Well, wonder no more – when it comes to staying healthy, it’s all about the little things that add up over time.

Here are five secrets you need to know to not just live longer, but also keep your sick days to a minimum:

Drinking tea

Tea not only has less caffeine content than coffee, which makes it a great alternative for sensitive stomach, but it also has compounds such as flavonoids that add all kinds of health benefits, such as lowering the risk of cancer.

Tea is also a great coffee alternative for another reason: while coffee only lasts for a short while, the energy boost you get from tea tends to last longer.

Aside from the antioxidants, the very act of enjoying a cup of tea counts as a way to relax and calm down, especially if you’ve had a hectic day or schedule.

Eating protein

Protein is actually a lot more important to your body than you think. In fact, it’s actually a “macronutrient”, meaning your body needs a large amount of it daily just like fat and carbohydrates.

But you don’t have to eat red meat all day long to meet your body’s daily needs, either –foods such as seeds, nuts, beans, and even legumes are all great sources of protein.

Cutting down on sugar

It might sound odd at first, but eating a diet rich in sugar actually keeps your white blood cells from being able to fight infections in your body. If you have a sweet tooth, make the switch from high-sugar pastries to fruits.

Getting fresh air

You might think that cold air might get you a cold, but it’s actually staying in a cooped-up space for long periods of time that does this to you because the air eventually gets stale.

In fact, spending more time outside or even opening your door and windows is good for you not just because of the fresh air, but because of the natural light. It also makes you more likely to go outside and get moving.

Relaxing better

Prolonged stress is one of the biggest reasons why people get sick frequently. If you really want to stay active for longer, you need also need to learn to relax, wind down, and just do nothing after a long day.

And it’s not just learning to relax and de-stress. A good night’s rest of seven to eight hours does a lot in keeping things like heart conditions and diabetes far away from you.