5 Must-Buy Skip Items form the Thrift Store – and 3 Must-Skips

For many savvy shoppers, thrift shops are a retail gift from heaven. From vintage clothing to DVDs, home furniture and toys, you are bound to find something for everyone. However, not all things you can find from the thrift store is worth buying. What items are considered as good buys and what are not? Keep reading to find out.

Buy: Luxury Bags

Designs of most luxury handbags are classic, making them the most ideal purchases in thrift markets. But make sure to buy one from a reputable thrift store that provides authentication to these bags.

Buy: Toys

Kids are naturally fickle minded—they ask for a new toy, play with it for a week, and then move on to a new one. Buying kids’ toys from a thrift shop is an inexpensive way to satisfy children’s itch for new toys. just make sure to clean it thoroughly before giving them to your kids.

Buy: Books and Records

Second-hand shops usually have great selection of preloved books. Especially if you’re looking just for decorative purposes, you will find amazing items in these places. And while you’re there, also checkout the nearby vinyl collections for some vintage finds, too.

Buy: Wooden Furniture

Sturdy, good-quality wood furniture age beautifully. Fortunately, you can find many of these in thrift shops, whether it is a vanity, coffee table or wooden chairs you’re looking for. However, skip the baby items, like cribs and nursery chairs as recalls are quite common and you wouldn’t want to risk your baby’s safety.

Buy: Ceramic Kitchenware

Ceramic plates, bowls and cups are also great finds. But check to make sure that they are dishwasher safe, so you would not have any problem cleaning them. Steer clear from plastic containers, because they absorb whatever food they had previously held in there.

Skip: Anything Upholstered

They may cause a lot cheaper than brand new ones, but second-hand upholstery may be infested with bedbug and may even contain harmful fire retardants.

Skip: Make-Up

It is difficult to tell whether a makeup has expired or not as there’s usually no expiration date displayed on most of them. Expired makeup can cause skin problems, breakouts or infected eyes. We suggest heading to mall clearance sales, instead of the thrift stores, for cheap beauty products.

Skip: Shoes

Skip preloved slippers and sneakers. Slippers harbor a lot of bacteria and second-hand shoes adapt to the owner’s foot and may no longer mold to your own feet. If you want to find cheap footwear, you may want to look for barely used or locally branded shoes instead.

Thrift shops are there to enjoy, especially for finding little knick-knacks that you wouldn’t want to splurge on. However, not all things are meant to be bought from second-hand markets. Other than your underwear, there are things that should be bought brand new for safety and sanitary purposes.