3 Things You Can Do to Avoid Medical Errors

Many people rely on a doctor’s suggestion. In fact, the best suggestion is to also know what your physician recommends to you so that you will have a fast recovery on your illness. In order to keep away from being in bad condition and avoid medical mistakes, you should:


Show your previous medicines

Sometimes, because of their work load, doctors can easily forget something most especially the one that they have prescribed to their patients. On the other hand, you, as the patient can control the situation by reminding your physician the medicines that you need by showing your previous prescription.

Make sure you can read the prescription

There are a lot of patients who just rely on the doctors’ medicine recommendation. Thus, there is a need to know it. You need not just to know it but also to read it. If you do not know what the prescription is all about, you will also have no idea on what to use when you lost the prescription. Make sure that you know or you remember the medicine that is recommended by your doctor.


Ask for written facts about the medicine you are taking

You must do this so that you will know the benefits of the medicine to your health. You will not know it if you do not ask an expert. In addition, if you ask about the drug that is prescribed, you will know its side effects. If you just ignore it or you say that you know about the prescription, there is a possibility that your illness will get worse.