Best Setting Powders to Achieve That Flawless Airbrushed Look


Setting sprays might be enjoying the spotlight now, but setting powders are still the king for making any makeup look last longer. Not only do they have a long-lasting effect, they’re also much easier to apply on certain areas of the face. The only struggle with these beauties though is finding the one that won’t accentuate your dry spots or alter the shade of your foundation. But to make the search easier for you, we listed down some of the best translucent setting powder you should have in your makeup stash right now.

  1. RCMA Makeup No Colour Powder

Take a peek into any makeup artist’s makeup kit and there’s a 90 percent you’ll see RCMA’s No Colour Powder. This setting powder is just what it says – it sets any makeup look without disrupting the foundation shade you’re using. What’s more amazing is it fits right in the budget of even the most thrifty makeup junkie out there.

  1. NARS Light-Reflecting Setting Powder

Brushing powder over your face doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle with a dull complexion. The ingredients used in this setting powder allow you to maintain a glowing complexion by diffusing light that comes from various sources. It even comes in a pressed version, making it an ideal setting powder for ladies who prefer this style.

  1. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Pressed Powder

Make Up For Ever offers a more portable option when it comes to pressed setting powder. Not only is this powder talc-free, it also helps in giving the skin a naturally radiant effect by blurring the appearance of pores.

  1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder

This setting powder has been a must-have for years, and we’re just happy that it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. Try the makeup baking method with this beauty, and you’ll be amazed at how budge-proof your foundation finish becomes.

  1. Palladio Natural Rice Loose Finishing Powder

Rice absorbs excess oil and moisture, and having it in a form of a setting powder makes it a great product choice for girls who are blessed with oily skin and are in need of an affordable powder option.

Purchasing a good setting powder is what will help you achieve that perfect airbrushed look. By having any of these powders in your makeup kit, you can already say goodbye to those inconvenient retouch sessions.

The Joy of Caring for Pets


Responsible pet owners would tell you how rewarding an experience it is to have pets. Caring for dogs, cats and other pets have physical, mental and emotional benefits. Studies over the years have backed up these claims. Here are some of them.

Companionship and Friendship


Pets won’t ask about your background, preferences or your paycheck. They offer unconditional love no matter who you are. So it’s not unusual to hear some people say that pets are even better than humans when it comes to showing affection.


Touching Reduces Stress


There are studies that prove that contact with another living being can reduce stress. Stroking and cuddling with your pet can have a calming effect.


Practice Responsibility and Parenthood


A good indicator that you’re ready to have kids is your ability to look after another living being. Pets give a sense of purpose. If you have kids, raising a pet will also teach them empathy and responsibility.


Strengthen Family Bonds


Having pets at home will motivate everyone to do their part like taking turns in walking the dog or feeding the cat. A pet can be a part of the family and a refuge from the fast-paced life at work or school. Caring for your pets will help you learn to maintain a daily routine everyone can benefit from.


Good For Aging People

It’s not unusual to find therapy dogs for the aged or retirees. Pets can help fill your idle time with purpose. Instead of lying down or sitting all day, you have a reason to get up, exercise and socialize.


Prevent Allergies From Developing


Hugging your furry friend might not be an attractive scenario for people with allergies. There is a study however that children exposed to pets are less likely to develop allergies in the future.


Make New Friends


Meeting other pet owners is a great way to break the ice. Walking your dog in the park for example could be a way to start a conversation with other dog owners because you have something in common. You might even meet the love of your life through your pet.


Keeps Your Heart Healthy


When you come home stressed from work, a sincere greeting from a pet can instantly lighten your mood. Studies on heart-related diseases show that pet owners have a lower risk of developing heart problems because pets lower anxiety, blood pressure and cholesterol.


Motivation to Exercise


Owning a dog will be a good motivation to go out and walk. Dogs need regular exercise too because their bodies were built for strength and endurance. Exercise will help you maintain weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and avoid depression. Playing with your pets can have a calming effect after a hard day’s work.




Pet ownership requires responsibility. It’s a give-and-take relationship. Provide them with the right food, shelter and medical attention and you will have a great companion for a long time.

Love Your Feet


We often overlook out feet because it’s so far from our head than our hands. It’s not until we suffer an injury, disease or athlete’s foot that we pay attention to our feet. Here are some tips to keep your feet healthy.

  1. Keep Them Clean. Wash your feet everyday with soap and warm water. Wash the areas in between your toes too. This will also allow you to check them for injuries like cuts, damaged toenails, cracked skin and swelling.


  1. Apply Lotion or Cream. Keep your feet smooth by applying lotion after washing them. If you have calluses and corns, rub a pumice stone gently on the affected areas.


  1. Clean Your Toenails. Trim your toenails then shape them with a nail file every two weeks. Long toenails can break or chip.


  1. Choose the Right Shoes. Don’t walk barefoot because you might injure your feet. Always wear shoes that fit properly. Tight shoes can injure your toes and restrict blood flow. Loose shoes can cause blisters and make walking difficult.


  1. Wear Socks if Possible. Socks will protect your feet from getting sores. You can also wear stockings if you don’t want the bulk of the socks or nylon socks when you’re working out.

  1. Check Your Feet. Look for injuries whenever you wash your feet or take off your shoes. Your age and health condition can affect your feet. Diabetics can have foot problems if not careful. Pregnant women may need a bigger shoe size, while older people need shoes that provide protection like cushioning.


  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise. Eating the right food and staying active will keep the blood flowing smoothly to your feet. Don’t smoke. Don’t stand or sit for hours at a time. Make sure to move your feet to help with the circulation.


  1. Avoid Athlete’s Foot. Athlete’s foot is caused by fungal infection. Avoid this by keeping your feet clean and dry. Allow your feet to breathe sometimes by wearing appropriate shoes for different venues. Wear clean socks and alternate your shoes. Keep all your shoes clean as well. Fungi can’t be killed just by washing so it’s best to try to prevent them from growing.


  1. Avoid Injuries. Protect your feet from burns by applying sunscreen if you’re going to the beach. Always wear appropriate footwear whenever you go out. Go for comfort instead of style. If high-heeled shoes are not your thing, there is no reason to make yourself suffer and risk hurting your feet.


  1. Be Careful With Pedicures. Calluses should be removed gently and cuticles shouldn’t be cut or pushed back. Make sure the tools are sterilized and clean to avoid getting diseases and infection. It’s better if you visit a reputable nail salon you can trust. Ideally, pedicures are done every 2 months.


  1. Pamper Your Feet. Soak them in warm water and soap. Don’t use salts because they can cause dryness. Massage and reflexology can help in relieving pain, stress and improve blood circulation.

Simple Activities to Help You Find Peace


Everything around you speaks of chaos. You need to calm down, take a step back and invite inner peace. You need all the inner peace you can get especially here in Singapore where things are hectic and exhausting. When you hear inner peace, it usually refers to the state of spiritual and mental calmness.


Everyone should master this calmness because it can make a big difference at the end of the day. It can help you survive stress and chaos. The good news is that with enough knowledge, you can master inner peace. If you master it, nothing or no one can bring you down. So what are the activities that invite inner peace? Here are some:


Meditation comes first when you head about inner peace. You do not need to go to a mountain though to meditate. When things get rough at the office, take a break then look for a silent or comfortable place. When you are seated, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and let the anxieties disappear.  A quick meditation can relieve depression and stress.


There is no simpler way to relax than slow and deep breathing. It can actually lower your blood pressure. Sometimes when things get rough you forget to breathe and that makes things worse.


Lay your head on a pillow

You do not want to draw so much attention so try not to sleep and snore at the office. If you have a pillow stuck somewhere in the office, you are already on the road to inner peace. Use it and visualize that the pillow is a sponge absorbing all your anxieties and worries if only for a few minutes.


Counting is very elementary but still you can get something from it. Instead of counting 1 to 10, try counting backwards instead. When you are freaking out, you will be busy thinking what number comes next. This is an effective way to distract yourself and gain that poise.

Close your eyes

Another easy way to regain your focus and calm is through closing the eyes. You may think this is simple but it can help ease your worries and other anxieties. Close your eyes even for a few minutes and let the chaos around you disappear.

There you go. Hopefully with the things mentioned above, you will find that inner peace you deserve. Your ultimate goal is to regain your focus and calmness. Do not let stress keep you from being happy.


Simple Activities that Invite Body Relaxation


When things get awry, your ultimate goal should be inner calmness not impromptu destruction. Inner calmness is a state wherein mental and spiritual well-being are at peace then reflects or radiates physically. The good news is that with the right understanding, you can be strong and face struggles head on.


Your idea of inner calmness is hours but when you are at work, you can only give few minutes to regain your poise. Do not worry because for just under five minutes, you can invite inner calmness through simple total body relaxation. Every Singaporean should know this. Here’s how you can invite total body relaxation:

  • Hand massage: You do not need to go to a professional masseuse because with a simple hand massage, you will get that total body relaxation that you deserve. Massaging the hand helps calm a hammering heart. Hand massage is especially helpful for people who spend most of their time typing. Hands in general carry tons of tension. You only need a lotion then start kneading the base muscle of the thumb. You can also keep on kneading in the scalp, neck and shoulders.


  • Foot massage: Another form of relaxation is foot massage. You do not need to bring or call a masseuse. Bring with you a golf ball and rub your feet back and forth against it. It is actually an impromptu relaxing technique.


  • Squeeze: Instead of strangling your boss or co-worker, you have to channel all your negative energy unto a stress ball. Squeezing a stress ball sounds simple but it can ease the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Stress balls are portable way to relieve tension.


  • Dripping water: The next time you are stressed out and stress ball or golf ball is not available, head to the comfort room and run cold water on the wrists and behind the earlobes instead. This is a good one because it can cool and calm the major arteries found on your wrists or earlobes.


  • Brush your hair: You are not fond of brushing the hair because you always tie it. Perhaps it is time to lose it and brush the hair again. This sounds simple but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Repetitive motions (like maybe more than 100 strokes every day) can cause your body to relax. Other things that you do is knitting or washing dishes.

In order to relax, you have to be alone at least even for only five minutes because these will be useless if your background is stressful.


What You Need to Know About Knickers


Here in Singapore, we do not hear the word knickers everyday but it should be something that we should be aware about. Knickers is a British word that signifies a woman’s underpants. Knickers is not used in America or Canada because they prefer “panties”. Regardless of what term you use, it is time to know that studies reveal knickers can affect your fertility.


When choosing knickers, women usually pick comfort over style. This is the reason why cotton knickers are preferred by many women around the world. However, recent study revealed that cotton knickers could affect fertility. The chemicals used by manufacturers to treat cotton can affect fertility. You should know that cottons used in making underwear went through a treatment. The treatment includes infusing cottons with Nonylphenol Ethoxy lates (NPEs). NPEs are present especially in detergents used by many fabric makers.

The thing is that there are some cases that the residue of NPEs can end up in the finished product. So how can it affect fertility? According to one study, the manifestation of NPEs in pregnant women can have an effect on their placenta. There had been extreme cases noted that resulted to pregnancy complications or worse, miscarriage. For those who are trying to get pregnant, the capability of the embryo to implant can be affected.


More research should be done to strongly establish the link between pregnancy complications or fertility and NPEs. It doesn’t hurt to be knickers aware though. The good news is that there is a brand that is keenly aware of the dangers of NPEs and launched chemical free and organic underwear. Elena Antoniou, co-founder of the brand said that the aim of manufacturing chemical free and organic underwear is to give women all over the world the peace of mind that they deserve every time they put their underwear every day.

The brand is called Mighty Good Undies. According to Elena, the cotton used are organically grown not to mention is Fairtrade Cotton Standard certified. The certification warrants that cottons are grown and processed without the presence of harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals that can leave residue on underwear that can affect fertility.

Now that you are aware, it doesn’t mean that you should not wear underwear. You should wear underwear for hygiene purposes but this means that you have to choose accordingly. Cotton underwear is comfortable but if it means affecting your fertility, it is time to be picky of the things that you have to wear. Research for other brands that offer chemical free and organic cotton.


How Women Can Stay Safe While Travelling Alone


Many women are now bold and brave. This is the result of the society’s empowering us too much. We are independent and we can do the things that we desire like men do. This is the reason why the number of solo female travelling rose. When you decide to travel solo, you have to fight for it since not all people around you will approve of it.


It is normal that your parents or friends worry about your safety. You have to convince them that you will be fine for the whole duration of your travel. It is typical that you feel scared on your first solo adventure. With excitement, there comes the anxiety of the unknown factors. When you feel like backing out, remember that it is all just in your head.

Here are some tips on staying safe for solo travellers out there:

  • Trust your guts. They say that a woman’s gut instinct is so much better than men. You have to make good use of your gut instinct because it will serve as your gauge and guide. The good news is that uneasy vibe will heighten over time.


  • Know when to say no. Many people are afraid to say no because they think they will disappoint people. The travel is all about you and nobody else. If you are not comfortable about something, do not be afraid to say no and be honest. For example, if you are with a group of people in the bar, you are asked to drink some more. You should know when to stop since getting too intoxicated can be dangerous.


  • Dress appropriately. You should not be too flashy. You have to dress like a local to blend in. With this, you have to wear appropriately. Before going to that place, do some research about the appropriate dress.


  • Avoid walking alone at night. Depending on the country you are in, walking alone at night varies. There are countries that walking alone at night are perfectly safe. If you heard that it is dangerous to walk at night alone, you should heed the warning. Always bring a whistle just in case things get awry.


  • Let friends and family know where you are. You have to tell someone where you will be so they will know your status. Many hostels now have WiFi so you can freely message parents and friends any time of the day. Do not completely go off grid.

Going outside Singapore alone can be the experience of a lifetime if you give it a chance.


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