Tell-Tale Signs That Your Friend is Toxic


Your body has a way to flush the toxins in your system because it knows that it is not good for your health. Being in good health is a challenge especially with the things happening around you. If you just eat right and to things accordingly, your body will take care of your systems but no matter how healthy are you in the inside, if you have toxic people around you, it can really affect your wellness.


Toxic friendships can destroy you – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is good if you realize it sooner but if it took you some time before actually ending it, it will surely affect you. It is time that you restore your health. The trick here is to choose carefully your friends. Friends should be for keeps, not just as a casual thing.

It is time that you identify the signs of toxic friends. Here are some signs that you have toxic friends:

If he/she wants to be the center of attention – all the time

Remember that toxic people crave for attention and they will take it in whatever form. They can create drama just to be noticed or they can be nice to be admired. As long as they get the attention, it doesn’t matter if it is a negative attention or not. Toxic people are struggling with insecurity and the only way to compensate it is through attention.

Two Friends Series

If he/she always take and never gives

Toxic friends always expect everything. They always take and never (maybe rarely) gives. You look like a milking cow to them. They borrow everything and they expect that you comply. When it is your turn to need them, they simply vanish, ignore or not respond to you.

If he/she repeats bad behaviour and impulsive

Toxic people are impulsive. These people do not think of the results of their decisions. They act in the moment and this behaviour always gets them into trouble.

If he/she blames others

Toxic friends will never accept their mistakes and even if they know they are wrong, they will find a way to put the blames on others. They do not embrace things and take actions. They are afraid of the outcome that is why.

If you just listen to your inner self and learn to identify signs of toxic friends, you will surely live a healthy and happy life. It is hard to find real friends here in Singapore but you have to endure it and have patience.


What You Need to Know About Quarter-Life Crises


Not all Singaporeans know about Quarter-Life Crisis (QLC). They know the feeling but they cannot put a name on it. If you are in your mid-twenties and you do not know what to do with your life, you are definitely struggling with QLC. Mid-twenties should be the best years of your life but there is a nagging feeling that you are not happy or satisfied.


QLC was first termed by Abby Wilner in 1997. When you hear about QLC, it usually refers to an event which a person begins to feel uncertain about his/her life maybe bought on by the stress of being an adult. Experts take on more studies about this subject.

Phase Structures of QLC

Dr. Oliver Robinson, a lecturer at the University of Greenwich recently conducted a study about QLC. His study included fifty people aged 25 to 35. These people are interviewed of their experiences of crises in their early adulthood. He identified four phase structure of QLC but these structures are also akin to mid-life crises. Phase 1 talks about feeling of “locked in” to relationship, job or even both. Phase 2 talks about a growing need for change. Phase 3 talks about a period of transformation and Phase 4 talks about solidification of the newly made commitments.


Now you should know about the survey results consolidated by, a famous advertising and trading website. Of 1,100 respondents, 86% confessed of feeling under pressure to succeed in their finances and relationships before they turn 30. Of 5 people, 2 worry about their money and thinking they do not earn enough. 32% also feel pressured to get married and have children before they reach 30. 21% also wanted a change of career and 6% are thinking of emigrating.


There are a growing number of 25 year old people who experience more demands and pressures. Every year, you fight millions of people for that job opening or you get into more debts to finance careers, degrees and even accommodation. These events sometimes make you feel even more depressed.

Looking at It

People who suffer QLC want to succeed and those who have an idealism of what their life should be. QLC is inevitable but you should look at it positively. The experience should bring about constructive change and you will eventually solidify the new foundations. If you handle QLC well, it will reduce your suffering from a mid-life crisis. Remember not to store problems for later because changing it will be too hard.


Important Questions to Ask Your Sound System Rental Company

Renting a sound system is one of the best strategies for you to take charge and save money over a traditional entertainment for any event. But just like with other things, there’s a list of questions that you should ask first before signing a rental agreement with a sound system company. So make sure that you ask the following to ensure that you get what you paid for. After all, having the right AV equipment, the right playlist and right people is what will make your event a memorable one.


1. How much does your sound system rental package cost?

The price of a sound system rental is one of the first questions you should ask about. Finding the best rate that fits your needs depend on several things, such as the audience size of your event and whether you’ll have an indoor or outdoor set-up. Another consideration is whether you need a wired or wireless mic and PA system to easily address your guests.

Knowing what you need beforehand will make it easier for both you and your PA system rental salesperson to agree on a specific equipment and service quote. This way, you get to see whether or not the rental price offered by your prospective sound system company fits your budget for the event.

2. Are sound system rentals for weddings more expensive?

Sound system and AV equipment rental for special events like weddings is not significantly different from renting a regular sound and speaker package. The only difference is that the event host of a wedding or wedding reception might want the option to address or engage the guests by giving speeches using a microphone. If this is the case, then you’ll need to rent a PA system (with handheld mic) preferably from good companies like in Singapore along with a speaker sound system. The cost for this add-ons range from S$30 to S$90 dollars.

3. Does your sound system rental package come with speaker stands?

One of the important things to secure on the equipment package you will be renting are the speaker stands. Apart from looking classier, putting your sound system on stands will help the music cover more area than if it was just placed on a table-top. Some sound system rental companies in Singapore don’t include speaker stands on their package, but it should be available for rental for just an additional five dollars to your rental fee.

4. Is the wireless system VHF or UHF?

If you’re planning to rent a wireless equipment, then it’s important to know if the system they will be providing runs in a VHF or UHF frequency. VHF systems are known to be more affordable, but it can be prone to interference. So if possible, have your AV equipment rental company provide you a sound system that runs on UHF. Unlike the VHF, it’s more reliable and resistant against interference. After all, the last thing you would want to hear on your event are scratchy and poppy noises or a signal interfering during a speech or a toast.


5. Will it be able to cover my entire venue with sound?

Before deciding on the equipment that you will be renting, be sure to specify the size of the venue where it will be used and the number of guests you’re going to have. This will help your salesperson recommend a sound system that fits your event and makes the most sense from a wattage or size perspective. Asking and verifying with your provider will let you know if the equipment you’re eyeing is the right choice for your event. Just remember to be open with their suggestions or recommendations if they think that your choice of sound system isn’t fit for your venue.

6. How will the equipment be set up on my venue?

When renting a sound system and AV equipment, it’s important to remember that its placement on your venue could greatly affect its efficiency. Apart from being out of the traffic flow, good system set-up and placement will determine the equipment’s performance. So make sure that you get someone familiar with acoustics to help you set-up your equipment to achieve its maximum effect.

Many companies offering sound system rentals in Singapore also provide trained experts to assess the location, give advice on sound system selection and set the equipment up professionally. This option guarantees that you and your event organizers no longer have to figure out any unfamiliar equipment along with other details.

7. Is your sound system equipment portable enough to be transported using any car?

This is another important question to ask your sound system rental company. However, unlike in previous years, today’s sound systems are lightweight and easy to move around. A sound system equipment basically consists of speakers that weigh about 25 pounds, a mixer box, a tripod speaker stand and a few audio cables. These parts fit even in the most compact cars and SUV, so you don’t have to worry about transporting it to your venue. Also, if you will be having problems in picking up the equipment, you can choose to have it delivered but for an added fee.

8. Will you be able to provide a staff to operate the equipment during the event?

The team or person operating your equipment won’t likely be able to multitask since troubleshooting takes time – meaning the person who will be running your sound system should already be familiar with the equipment you rented, it’s functions (whistles, shrieks and volume control), as well as the solutions to possible snags in the program. Many sound system rental companies in Singapore offer staff assistance, so ask your prospective company if they could provide an experienced personnel to operate your equipment on the event.

Finding and using the right sound system is crucial for making any event a successful one. So make sure that you ask these questions to your PA system rental company to be sure that they’ll be providing you with an equipment that perfectly fits both your budget and needs.


How to Beat Your Jet Lag Blues

When you’re travelling across multiple time zones, it might take some time for your body to adjust. In the meantime, you’re graced with unpleasant ailments – specifically insomnia, fatigue, diarrhoea and confusion – enough to make you frantically search for a jet lag cure. While there’s no fool-proof way of completely beating jet lag, there are still some steps that you can take to ease the pain and stress of crossing different time zones quickly.


  1. Adjust Your Body Clock

A few days (preferably four days) before your departure, gradually change up your sleeping and eating time so it’ll overlap with those at your travel destination. Once you arrive, immediately adopt the place’s local time with your daily routine.

  1. Travel Through Overnight Flights

Opting for overnight flights for your trip allows you to eat dinner and sleep at a normal time. Depending on the length of your flight and the number of time zones you cross, you’ll likely arrive at your destination in the morning or afternoon. With this, you get to replicate your usual schedule and you can easily reset your clock.

  1. Limit or Avoid Alcohol Intake While Flying

Cabin air dehydrates passengers and altitude changes quicken the effects of alcohol on a person (one shot in the air is the same as taking two or three shots on the ground). Sure, drinking some cocktail will relax you, but it’ll also dehydrate you and worsen your jet lag symptoms.


  1. Use Your Flight to Sleep and Rest

Travelling can be extremely tiring, and the more rest you get the more prepared you’ll be to handle all the stress of jet lag. If you’re going a very long flight, then save up enough money to fly a business or first class flight since it’ll be easier to sleep when seat reclines all the way back. If you can’t avoid coach, then choose a window seat and bring some padding to help you prop yourself up against the wall.

  1. Take Sleeping Pills (If Necessary)

Taking a sleeping pill with a short cycle effect will be helpful in overnight flights. Just make sure though that you time your dosage correctly or you’ll end up feeling groggy when you land. Also, a flight is not the perfect time to try out a pill for the first time. So ensure that you only take medication you’re already familiar with.

Experiencing a jet lag during a trip will surely take out some of the fun from your travel. But while there is no fool-proof way of beating it, following the aforementioned tips will surely help in alleviating some of its symptoms and effects.


Amazing Benefits of Incorporating Cantaloupe to your Diet


Although the cantaloupe’s peel looks like rough skin, its flesh is excellent for improving your health. The fruit is known to be super-hydrating and sweet. But apart from having a pretty colour and being delicious, cantaloupe is also loaded with healthy benefits, such as:


  1. Boosts the Immune System

Apart from being refreshing to eat, cantaloupes are also filled with antioxidants, carotenes and vitamins that help in boosting the immune system and preventing diseases. One specific carotenoid the fruit contains is beta-carotene, which is known to be responsible for boosting one’s immunity against chronic diseases like cancer.

  1. Boasts of Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the known health benefits of cantaloupes is that it is loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds that aid in alleviating symptoms and pain caused by inflammatory diseases. Some studies even show that people who ate the fruit had lower C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in their bloodstream, meaning the fruit was able to stop any dangerous autoimmune and inflammation responses that could lead to serious diseases.


  1. Improves Eye Health

Worried about the state of your eye health? Then add a slice or two of cantaloupe in your meals. The fruit is rich in nutrients – specifically beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamins A and C – that deter destructive processes in the retina that could lead to age-related macular degeneration. Health experts in Singapore also remind us to be careful of vitamin A and C deficiency, as it could cause macular degeneration, glaucoma, and even blindness.

  1. Normalizes pH Level of the Body

Alkaline-rich foods like cantaloupe are also known to aid in normalizing the body’s pH level. This type of food helps in restoring the pH level of our body to its normal level. Cantaloupe protects your body against diseases and inflammation because it is believed that diseases have a harder time developing in an alkaline environment inside the body.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss

Planning to shed some weight? Then add this healthy and tasty fruit into your diet. Apart from containing only 60 calories per cup, cantaloupes also have a high water content and are loaded with nutrients that the body needs. So incorporate this fruit to your diet if you want to stay healthy even while losing weight. It’ll help you balance the risks of losing weight, while acting as a supplement.

Regardless of how the fruit looks like, cantaloupes are actually filled with amazing health benefits. So make sure that you add this fruit to your diet to get the most out of these amazing benefits.


The Whimsical Botanical Garden of Singapore

As travellers, aside from food and culture, one priority we keep in our travel checklist is to visit and experience any attractions of the places we visit. The delight it brings when you are already on the very spot is priceless and you can even keep it for a lifetime, as one precious memory. Singapore is a top tourist destination with a myriad of beautiful sceneries it offers to both locals and tourists. One of these is the Botanical Garden, sometimes dubbed as “City in a Garden.” These are its features:


As a UNESCO Heritage Site

Developed in 1859, this garden was declared by UNESCO as Heritage Site joining the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat of Vietnam. This becomes a symbol of Singapore’s high regard to nature and the culture of its people. Being the country’s oldest garden, it is indeed a treasure collection for plant and nature lovers.

As a venue for recreational activities

The Botanical Garden is a favourite venue among Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike for their recreations. It is where they also do some physical activities like jogging, working out, and other fun activities.

As a hub for researchers

The expansive grounds of the garden also serve as a center for botanical and horticultural research. Since the garden is composed of varied types of plants, be it ornamental or herbal, researchers frequently visit the place to develop their researches on horticulture and botanical-related. Hence, the place doesn’t only cater to viewing and visiting purposes but also for researches and other educational endeavors.


As a Garden Museum

To add on its exquisite feature, the garden is not the typical garden as what you might think. It also has a museum located in the Holtum Hall in a two-storey building which also serve as the office and laboratory of the Director of the garden. Currently, it also functions as an Urban Redevelopment Authority conservation building.

Orchid Garden and Swan Lake

Aside from those features already stated, the botanical garden has varied species of orchids, popular hanging plants. Further, orchids also symbolizes Singapore because it is the country’s national flower; thus, a representation of Singapore’s natural splendour. On the other hand, it also houses the swan lake which contains aquatic plants and different types of fishes.

The Botanical Garden is only a proof that Singapore gives value to both nature and their culture. Preservation of this represents also how they embrace their identity as well as their contribution to humanity and to the world as well.


The Effect Of Having A Well-Picked Typography Poster At Home

Decorating your home is not an easy task. You have to allocate a lot of time for planning and execution. If you badly want to make your home beautiful, aside from placing ornaments, figurines and other home decors, it is a great idea to place typography poster that goes with your home theme. Know more how a poster can make your home much livelier and much more relaxing to live in.


What Is Topography Poster?

Typography posters are posters that usually contain words and quotes that inspire us. These are known to be among the best types of posters to put in your room, house or office as it lifts the mood of the people. Unlike other posters that only have images, these are very inspiring and very easy to understand.

How To Choose The Best Typography Poster?

There are a lot of typography posters available in the market. So, how can we choose the best one? Well, there is no such thing as the best typography poster that will suit every one of us. We all have our own preference.

The ideal way to choose what type of poster suits your home is to check what your home’s motif is. You have to choose a poster that will complement the style and colour of your house. You do not want your house to look like a combination of just anything, right?

It is also recommended to consult an interior designer if you know someone.

Where Can You Place Your Poster?b65409231d0b347131bbbeca4482412f

Some people think that typography poster can only be placed in the living room. The truth is you can place it anywhere in your house. It also looks good in your bedroom as you can create a personalised vibe. You can choose posters that reflect best your personality.

If you are into music, then a music poster is the best one for you. If you are into travelling, then you should choose posters that can trigger the traveller person in you. You have to choose the best one that can lighten up your mood and inspire you to live your daily life.

You can also place these posters in your office or workstation. Remember that we also need uplifting words while we are working. At least, the quotes in these typography posters can lighten our stressful day in work. It can make us feel better and can even make us more productive.

 Can You Make Your Own Poster?

If you are artistic and you have the creativity, then there is no doubt that you can make your own typography posters. It is recommended to try making one if you have the skills to do it because you can personalise it. If you make your own, you have all the freedom to put anything into the poster. You can also choose the words, phrases or quotes you want to put in your poster. Choose something that inspires you so get inspired whenever you look at your DIY poster.


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